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A new way analysis of public health

To meet the challenges of the health care system and make strategic decisions, obtaining good results for the population we need managers and technicians to have a good understanding of the reality in this area in order to focus on public policies based on rational decision-making , prioritizing one action over another, thereby making the most efficient and effective use of resources for the betterment of health and the prevention of diseases. For this reason we have created SUS Connect. As a result, the SUS Connect Center for Information and Strategic Decisions in Health is a proud project of the State Department of Health for Goiás (SES/GO) and will allow for the concentration, collection, dissemination and analysis of health indicators and strategic information vital for the management of SUS. This project will promote discussion among diverse partners and institutional sectors while also stimulating internal dialogue.

Mission of SUS Connect

SUS Connect was established within the headquarters of SES/GO with the purpose of collecting, processing and disseminating information. Monitoring and analysis will be concentrated on health indicators with a special focus on socioeconomic statistics in 246 municipalities within the state of Goiás. Other areas pertaining to SES/GO planning, such as administrative and financial data will also be studied to help elaborate policies at state and municipal levels, improving health indicators and the lives of citizens.

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SUS Connect Stations

With the aim of bringing technicians and managers closer together, SUS Connect unites superintendencies, Health Regions and all of the municipalities with the SUS Connect Station. The SUS Connect Station is a kit comprised of a table, chair, CPU, stabilizer, keyboard, mouse, webcam, headset and two 47 inch TV’s with internet support. With this, meetings can be held on a daily basis via webconferences, speeding up decision-making on the part of managers and making courses and training possible without dividing technical teams.

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Access to information

The Law 12.527/11 have on the compulsory nature of the Union, States and Municipal districts to guarantee the access to the information. Foresees, in other words, that anybody, physics or juridical, have assured your right of reception of the public information of the organs and entities. Following this guideline, it SUS Connect makes available the indicators of health of the State of Goiás of form online and for download, creating a transparency channel and a source of information for academic-scientific community.

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“SUS Connect will be a reference point for all of Brazil. This instrument signifies a new change to further improve the service we provide to the people of Goiás. SUS Connect is part of the Program for Technologically Innovative Policies of the governor for the state of Goiás”

-Marconi Perillo, Governor of the State

“We look forward to facilitating quick decision-making. The more easily information reaches municipal managers, the more quickly relevant measures can be settled and adopted”

-Leonardo Vilela, State Secretary of Health

“SUS Connect is without precedent in this country. It is a new way for Public Health. With updated information in real time, full support can be given to managers at the state and municipal levels for strategic decision making”

Jean Pierre Pereira, General Coordinator of SUS Connect

“With SUS Connect the State Minister of Health of the State of Goiás will have a proactive attitude toward the challenge of improving indicators of public health”

-Luiselena Luna Esmeraldo, IT Coordinator for SUS Connect

“SUS Connect provides greater interactivity and integration between Superintendents and health regions, allowing greater speed in answering questions concerning ordinances. With the implementation of SUS Connect we as municipalities can perform analyses of indicators while also receiving guidance and training on systems in real-time, with greater speed and less cost in training”

-Keyla Rodrigues, Region West II Manager

“SUS Connect has come to break geographical barriers by facilitating communication between people linked to SUS. It will subsidize technical and health professionals as well as policy makers and decision makers in organizing activities and public policy actions in the Department of Health for the city of Trombas”

-Juliana Vieira Soares , Secretary of Health for the City of Trombas